1. Safety

 Breakages are inevitable when fluoro tubes and CFL globes are thrown into open pallet containers or packed into boxes.  This means mercury is released into the immediate atmosphere, endangering staff.  When discarded fluorescent lights are put on trucks and transported; breakages happen.   

All the personnel handling the waste from collection points, to depots to the plant operators will be safe from mercury ingestion, when handling sealed drums of fluoro crush.  They are NOT safe under the current handling practices in use by Councils, facilities managers, mine managers and other places are fluoros accumulated for transfer to be processed.

2. Space Savings

The compaction effect.  The Bulb Eater crushes over 1,300 X 4 Foot T8 tubes or 1,500 T5 Tubes into a single 200 litre drum – safely. 

  • Crushing reduces the storage space by 80% when crushed vs. boxing lamps for pickup

3.Time savings

Take a look at how fast the Bulb Eater converts fluoro waste into crushed glass.  It’s fun and it’ fast.

  • Crushing can reduce labor by 20 hours per 1,000 Tubes vs. boxing lamps for pickup
  • Crushing lamps eliminates unnecessary – and unsafe handling of spent tubes and bulbs
  • Crushing results in lower likelihood of bulb breakage vs. boxing.  Means no need to clean up and dispose of broken bulbs

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    4. Cost Savings

    Right from the point of waste collection through to the fluorescent lighting waste being processed at a specialist facility, costs are saved.

    • Less time spent boxing lamps = less money spent on required labor
    • Storage space is greatly reduced – buy up to 80%
    • Transport handling costs are greatly reduced  – transport 5 times the number of tubes when crushed compared to boxing.
    • Recyclers charge much less for crushed lamps than whole lamps.

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