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Why Does Fluorescent Tube Disposal Matter?

Environmental reasons

  • Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, a hazardous compound. There is NO safe level of mercury in the human body. Mercury caused by fluorescent tube disposal is a serious neuro-toxin, especially for growing children and adults conceiving children.

  • Disposing of old fluorescent tubes into the general waste stream end up in a landfill. The mercury is leached and is converted into a highly mobile and toxic form of mercury, called methylmercury. This heavy metal is then carried through water tables to estuarine fish and bird breeding grounds where it joins the food chain. These smaller species get eaten by other animals and the mercury (originally from improper compact fluorescent light bulbs disposal) concentrates until it makes certain fish species unfit to eat.

  • Mercury caused by fluorescent tube disposal, like lead, is most harmful to developing nerve tissue. It is a neuro-toxin and disrupts the formation of healthy nervous systems in humans – and other species.

Legal Reasons

 Federal and state EPA regulations require proper recycling for any fluro tube disposal 

 Penalties for improper compact fluorescent light bulbs disposal can result in large fines and negative PR

You have only 3 choices when looking at lamp disposal services and fluorescent tube disposal across N.S.W and Australia.

1. Return-by-mail or “Pre-paid” Recycling Boxes.

    – Bulky fluorescent tubes to be boxed up and posted.

    -Lots of boxing up and handling

  • – Risk of breakages

    2. Bulk Service for the haul away of lamps in boxes or skips

    – Lots of breakages in skip during Tube and CFL light disposal

    – 5 skip loads to one drum – or over 1,300 X 4 Foot T8 fluorescent tubes per 200L drum.

    3. Use the Bulb Eater lamp disposal services for fluorescent tube disposal to crush  into drums, to be sent away for recycling

    – We use CMA Ecocycle for final disposal Sydney

    – The ONLY safe & secure fluorescent tube and CFL crusher in the Australian market

    – Drums with fluorescent tube waste for can be tracked for disposal compliance





Bulb Eater Australia is a Facilitator member of Fluorocycle. 

This organisation is operated by the Lighting Council of Australia and aims to promote awareness of safe compact fluorescent light bulbs disposal. 

Across Australia, there is a range of private companies and government agencies offering CFL light disposal services, for onward processing.

Recycling and disposal of old florescent tubes can help reduce the amount of mercury be sent into landfill.

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