What makes this the BEST fluorescent lighting waste compactor in the World? –

Handles everything

The single machine crushes all linear, CFL, and U-bend lamps

Efficient filtration

The Cyclone separator upstream of the filtering system acts as a gross pre-filter to extend the life of the filters downstream

Safe filtration

The Cyclone Five stage filter system: 1) Cyclonic Separator 2) Cartridge Filter   3) HEPA filter   4) Activated Carbon Filter   5) Final HEPA filter – means it passes all EPA tests meeting strict USA standards.

Safe connections

Only two hose connections. No casual connections of hoses – eliminates accidental disconnections

Smart Technology

On-board controls with Intelli Technology

  • Multiple sensing points that assist with machine diagnostics and maintenance/filter change-outs.  Eliminates guesswork for filter changes and ensures that the system is operating safely
  • LCD display that advertises which mode the machine is in and any faults that might occur.  It also alerts the operator to a full drum.

Training & Support

Terracycle – and their subsidiary, AirCycle have sold thousands of machines around the world.

They have developed a robust Online Certified Bulb Eater® 3 Training Program – Insures baseline training level for operators & supervisors

Bulb Eater 3L – the EPA Approved by Bureau Veritas Bulb Eater®

This is the 3rd generation of Bulb Eater and has been in production for sale in the USA since 2016.  It is only after in-market verification of its durability, that it is now available for export.  This machine has been assessed by Bureau Veritas to verify it meets EPA regulations, laid down by the U.S Government.

Here is a full copy of the report.

our switchboard and install safety switches with a minimum of inconvenience. Full replacement of circuits may sometimes be necessary for very old homes, to prevent fires.


CFL U-Tube Chute (333-210-CHU)
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To maximize the capabilities of the Bulb Eater® 3, filters and parts should be changed according to instructions:

1st Stage Cyclone Filter: never needs to be changed.

2nd Stage Cartridge Filter:  Filter should be changed approximately every 6 drums of crushed lamps or as needed (when fault code 13 is displayed) . 

3rd  Stage HEPA Filter:  should be changed approximately every 12 drums of crushed lamps or as needed (when fault code 11 is displayed).

4th Stage Carbon Canister with activated carbon:  Life capacity rated at 1500 hrs. of running time (approx. 1 million lamps).  (fault code 01 is displayed)

5th Stage Final HEPA Filter:  should be changed as needed (fault code 09 will be displayed).

Spinner assembly:  should be changed approximately every 12 drums.

Filter combo kit w/ spinner: contains approx. 12 drums worth of parts (two 2nd stage cartridge filters, 1 HEPA filter, and 1-8 link spinner assembly)

Jumbo Filter Combo Kit:  Contains (10 Cartridge filters, 2 HEPA filters, and 2-8 link spinner assemblies).

Entry tubes available to crush T12, T8, and T5 lamps.   Additional, all-in-one chute accommodates U-tubes and CFL’s.

 Features include

Two filtration stages have been added: a Cyclonic separator and an additional  final HEPA filter – results in finer filtration

Higher volume cartridge filter – longer filter life means fewer filter changes

Ease of handling to speed up filter and drum change-outs

Steel Housing for Vacuum System

Welded and bolted connections for improved sealing

Continuous monitoring of carbon life

Electronic sensors monitor filters, drum seal and drum when full
240 volt motor – ready for Australia

You are buying a tested and mature industry standard machine which will last many years of heavy usage.

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