Bulb Eater Australia is a trading operation of Energy Cost Attack Pty Ltd.  (ABN 94 163 810 964)

We are based in Sydney and we have been marketing the BulbEater VRSU and Premium in Australia since 2014.

Our past clients include Rio Tinto, Santos and Maesrk Drilling.

Now that the Bulb Eater 3L with Intelli Technology has been released for export, Energy Cost Attack has been appointed the sole Australian distributor of the Terracycle Bulb Eater machine.


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The Bulb Eater

What makes this the BEST fluorescent lamp crushing machine in the World?


Why Crush?

Breakages are inevitable when fluoro tubes are thrown into open pallet containers or packed into boxes.

Waste disposal

Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, a hazardous compound.

Mercury facts

There is NO safe level of mercury in the human body. 

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